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Event Lighting Rentals in Toronto: Music and Lighting Go Together to Create the Perfect Room

Event Lighting Rentals in Toronto


When hosting a special event, the planning process can affect the outcome of the special day. Determining the food, the music, the guest list, the timing… all play a part in creating just the right atmosphere. One element that is often overlooked but is equally important, is lighting. Consider the difference that softly-lit candles on a dinner table can make towards creating a room that is warm and inviting. When planning a significant event lighting rentals can transform a space. In Toronto, look for a company with experience.


Event Planning


Planning an event is half the fun. Considering all the details that may be required to prepare for a special occasion, planning can also be daunting.  Decisions can be simplified by first deciding what mood or moods you want to project with the event. A wedding, for instance, might be soft and romantic during the ceremony, fun yet respectful for the speeches, then raucous and rocking on the dance floor. A corporate product launch may want to evoke a mood of energy and innovation, while a charitable fundraiser could be sophisticated and elegant. A fashion show might be up-beat and sexy. 


Music and Lighting Go Together


Once the vision is in place, consider the music playlist. Music can contribute enormously to creating the right atmosphere. Whether it’s playing softly in the background or lifting the energy of the room, both the music and lighting should be in sync. More and more often event planners are hiring companies that can provide both elements. The top-rated, award-winning Digital X Entertainment based out of the GTA offers both DJ and lighting services.


Creating Gorgeous Rooms


Events can be held anywhere but often big events such as weddings or business parties are held in large, sterile rooms. Even an older space with plenty of charm can be made more beautiful with the right lighting. Wireless, LED up-lights are an effective and economical way to enhance the look of a space. They can easily be placed anywhere. Often they are spaced around the perimeter of the room, reflecting rich colours on the walls and ceiling. LED lights come in every colour imaginable. Pin lights project beams of light on which ever detail you want illuminated; such as a spectacular flower arrangement.


Kinetic Lighting


A fun way to bring more energy into a room is with kinetic lighting. Kinetic lighting has multiple round or textured light shades. It responds to the music and is synchronized by an experienced technician. Kinetic lights project changing, interactive lighting against a large, black velvet backdrop, instantly transforming a room from drab to fabulous.


Experience Counts


When searching for event lighting rentals in Toronto, look for a company with extensive experience. Digital X Entertainment has been offering lighting and DJ services since 1993 and all their DJs and emcees have at least ten years of experience. They can build a sound and/or lighting package to suit every budget and taste. They can even provide a classic photo booth for interactive entertainment and memorable keepsakes. Use your imagination to design the perfect event, then book a consultation to make that dream a reality. 
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